Monday, April 19, 2010


Wow! What a loaded word, as well as one of my favorite authors new books, that no one really wants to talk about their own insecurities, and guess what neither will I be here blogging about my insecurities. However, I will tell one of the wonderful things about being married to the LOML while I worried about this particular insecurity today and going to the Dr. was that he was constantly there to remind me it was going to be ok and that it wasn't a big deal and guess what it was and LOML knows me SO well and that was EXACTLY the thing I needed to hear considering I worried about it all weekend.

This weekend was Wedding shower weekend!!!! :-) LOML has 3 cousins getting married this summer, as well as my cousin who is getting married at the end of the month. I had a great weekend and Corcoran and Linds I'm so sorry I missed your shower. :-(

I saw my best friend in the whole world for the first time this weekend since last September and seeing her absolutely perfect adorable baby was fabulous. We had a great time!! :-)

Currently, we are working on 3 projects in the yard and LOML is weed eating, while I'm following the Dr.s guidlines today for my little insecurity. :-( We are working on a little "Peanut Pond" is what they call it some landscaping in the front of the garage as well as spicing up the fire pit. OH how I LOVE summer fires:-) I will leave you with a picture of the beautiful tulips that are coming up around the house.

Thanks for reading our blog:-) I'm off to enjoy the beautiful weather:-)