Monday, March 22, 2010

Purple and Gold!!! :-)

I love being a panther!!! :-) What a great game, and Michigan State here we come!! :-)

The bathroom is officially done!! Here is a finished product!

Today was my first day back to the "real world" as my dad calls it, in 10 days!!! I didn't really know quite what to do with myself, but the day went fast and my students keep me on my toes. :-) I came home to LOML making some of the most amazing ham I have ever had! He started to marinate it last night and cooked it slowly. It was so moist! :-) We had a great time working in the garden today cleaning up the large flower bed on the left side of the house. It makes me so happy and I get so excited for the summer when I get to be outside on a beautiful day with my family! :-)

LOML started a fire with all of the sticks in the yard!

Kirbster struggles to give eye contact to the camera and this was the best picture he let me take in between all of his running.

Flowers from some of the beds!

Hope everyone has a great week and the weather stays nice! :-)