Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Every Detail

" God has a plan or a purpose for history; this plan includes not only the grand scheme of things but also every detail, for God works all things together; according to his devine purpose God has called or chosen them who now love Him. ~ Gordon Clark

Details are a part of our daily lives.... what kind of toothpaste you like, what color to paint your living room, what story will I teach this week in Sunday School, what should I pack for our trip??? The list could go on and on, and some how by the end of the week you can't even remember what happened last week! :-) This past week has just seemed to fly by, which is what my entire summer has done so far....

We took Kirbster to the Dr..... He got shots and some meds to harden up those nasty BM's :-)

LOML and I sported Twins gear at the ICubs..... (Don't worry we're Benge's so it's ok!)

The next day we leave for the BENGE family reunion!!! Good times!!I won in pole frisbee and loml and I's relay team won, and let's just say I need to start working out because I feel like it's the first week of CC again and I waddle actually instead of walking.

This is how Kirby and my FIL look after a long day of being with the Benge's.....

LOML and I are so exited in just about 20 hours it is CO or Bust for us and my family!!!! WAHOO!!! My mom made sure she let me know that I can only have 1 bag..... ( I can't imagine why she would think I might have more.) jk mom! :-) We are so excited, but of course that means that the Kirbster stays with Gma and Gpa, which I'm thrilled about because he loves it there!!! It is just weird without him here at home. Last night LOML said, "It's just weird without Kirbster here, it feels like there is something missing." I agree these are the images you would see of Kirbster if he was here outside working with us....

My surprise beautiful flowers from LOML, I love him so much!! He is the best husband ever!!! :-)

We had a great time last night with our friends, and now we must pack!! :-) Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!!!!