Monday, July 1, 2013

Make something Monday!

Welcome Summer and July 1st!

Today is the first day of July and a Monday so it's make something Monday! :-)

Every get tired of your old chairs? Do you sometimes feel like they need a face life?

Well you too can give those old chairs a kick-to-the-curb! Haha or so to speak!

You could revamp your old ones, but I picked these up in a little thrift shop for $5 bucks each! Yay for a good deal and people who are willing to bargain with you! :-) I talked her down $3 bucks!

Next step for me is to go to my MIL's because she is the best and I love her so! :-) On my way I picked up fabric from Hancock's today that was 40% off!!! I also had my educator's discount card which means another 15%!

Whoop!! Whoop!!! :-)

Then I unscrewed the cushions from the bottom of the chair. And just lifted them out!

 I used a flathead and pliers to take out the staples on the old cushions and take the old fabric off. Which then left you with the old batting.

I pulled it off and had to use pliers in some parts because it had been stapled to the wood as well.

I bought these cushions for $5 bucks each! So just use the wood from the seat and use sharpie to trace around the cushion and cut it out with a knife!

Now time to paint the chairs! I wanted mine to be white!

Which my MIL basically did because my little munchkin was trying to eat the paint and go down concrete steps, so I kept her occupied while she painted and sanded the crevices of the chair.

Then, we cut out the fabric we wanted large enough so that we had enough room to staple under the bottom of the board. 

Using some foam spray adhesive my MIL sprayed it to the foam and then we jointly had to place the fabric down due to the wind. We stapled the fabric all around the bottom of the cushion and screwed it back into the bottom of the chair!

So BA... BOOM!!! 

And one with the muchkin that we had to work around today! :-) Love her little self! :-)

Look at that look! She played hard today & had a blast but this girl never stops moving! :-)

Now, the final picture of the chairs in their new home!!

And the flower arrangement my husband put together last night! He is so creative! :-)

So there you have it revamp of chairs total costs....

Cushions.....................$10 (you wouldn't need to buy cushions, but I wanted something more comfy!)

And Ta! Da!!! New kitchen chairs! :-)

Happy Monday!