Thursday, February 4, 2016


This little girl is my whole world & as many mama's out there can relate our children have our whole heart. They are our world. 

They also..... Push us, challenge us every single day, and we do things and feel/ say things we never thought we would do or say before we had kids! We need each other, through the struggles and the good! 

I take pictures because plain and simple I want to capture this moment in time because life is short. 

I look back now and realize how much this 3 year old has changed and think... ( she was so little) I don't remember those times and yet she is only 3. I am anxious how she will be as a big sister. What will she do? How will she react when she meets her new little brother or sister? 

Being a mom is something I've always wanted, even at a young age. There are times I am so grateful, thankful and blessed to have this little girl in my life & times I wonder if I am doing what is right for her. Hmmmm.... The journey of motherhood I guess! 😍