Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Since 3rd grade I have had a fear of breaking, or chipping my tooth. I was pushed on the black top at recess when I was in 3rd grade and chipped my tooth. I have had a fake front tooth now for 26 years. We only get 2 sets of teeth and the mouth is a painful and expensive thing! 

At the end of November on a Friday night I was watching fixer upper and making brownies. I left my 3 year old in the kitchen for no more than 2 minutes (letting her lick the brownie bowl) and I hear one of those earth shattering screams from he kitchen. 

I run back to the kitchen and Hadley, the bowl, the chair she was standing on was all on the ground. I immediately noticed the very large, yellow goose egg on her head and begin to comfort her. We sat down on the couch & she reached in her mouth as if something felt weird. She opened up her mouth and I saw my worst nightmare! 

I mean seriously,"Just give me parent of the year" right there. My heart sunk! I just wanted to take the pain away and fix her tooth. I called the dentist to see if there was anything we could do. I didn't think she would lose it in her sleep so we just watched it all weekend and I bought a lot of yogurt, applesauce, & soup! 
Monday morning rolls around and after meeting with our wonderful dentist, we were referred to a pediatric dentist. I wanted to save it, but the dentist told me if the nerve was exposed they can't save it. 

Come to find out the nerve was hanging between the two cracks of the tooth and the tooth was un-save-able. They numbed the gum and pulled out the tooth. My heart broke for her, but luckily she still loves the dentist. 

Mama loves this girl so much. Front tooth or not she will always  beautiful! ❤️ She even did great today at her teeth cleaning! She is a trooper!