Friday, January 14, 2011


You know it's a good day when...... a cord is found and all is right I have not blogged simply because I have been looking for 2 weeks for the USB cord to upload the pictures to my computer. Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens too..... because when it comes to finding things it drives me CRAZY!!! until it is found. I feel like my house is a jungle ( I am the monkey) and things get torn apart and I look in the same places every night. I even ask my husband, "Where did I put that cord?" He responds, "What cord?" (seriously why can't he read my mind :-)) I respond, "the black one that has a USB and has a white sticky tag that says ROHS to put my pictures on my computer, and it would be really helpful if you can help me look for it. hint... hint... :-)
So we search... under the bed, in the TV drawer, behind the tv, under the couch, chair, coffee table the junk drawer, the closets for several days when we would get home we would look everywhere....

Kirby gave us the, "What are you doing mom and dad?" look

Anyway, finally it hit me... we took it with us NYE in a black Hawkeye bag. Therefore, I now need to find the Hawkeye bag that this cord is in. 10 minutes later I found the Hawkeye bag in the closet (right next to the two bags I had went through the day before) and I saw it... pulled it out and opened it and this is what I found....

Let me tell you it was a happy day last night when this was found! I had even come to the point where I was just going to buy another cord, but come to find out no one sells Polaroids anymore and no one had the cord that fit my camera, and it was tearing me up to pay 20+ dollars for a cord that I knew I had to have somewhere in the house. 
It was found and it was a happy day of REJOICING!!! :-) 

Who knew that looking for a cord could be so frustrating and time consuming!! GRRR... 

So enjoy!! :-)  
How could you not love this? Hubby is dancing with the new Xbox Kinect Dance Central game. It was hilarious!!! :-) 

Disco time baby!!! ;-)

Date night at the Cheesecake Factory (last weekend)!! and I stepped out of my box and tried something new, other than fruit loops (which my family teases me about since that is what I ate most of the time during our honeymoon and it was all inclusive so we had this large buffet every morning, noon, and night of food from all over the world, and I choose fruit loops because I do NOT like trying new things)  it was carmel chicken and I recommend it!! It was so good, and they give you plenty for leftovers the next day, with Kahlua cheesecake!!!! 

Saturday night was my MIL 50th Birthday!!! :-) We had a great time together!! Lots of laughs!! :-)

Nolan loves his new toy and loves to snow blow everything! 
Gotta love a man in carharts :-)

Check out my new blanket I am crocheting! I'm so excited about the yarn colors, but know it won't be done for a while!! I'm getting better and better, but still have trouble keeping it tight, so it will not be perfect, but it will be my own imperfections and I'm ok with that!! :-) Kirby already loves it when he lays on me and I drape it over him. He is such a snuggle bug and loves blankets that keep him warm!! :-)

This one shows the colors in the yarn a little better, but it's a great activity for me to do while I'm watching my shows!! :-) Crocheting is so amazing! Who ever thought of it is amazing to be able to just have yarn and a hook and you can make some great things!!! :-) 

Hope everyone's 2011 is off to a great start!!