Friday, December 31, 2010

the hungry wolf

Do I have your attention? 

I've been feeding my wolf today friends :-)  and he's been hungry....ok, so I got the analogy from this book I've been reading (no it's not eclipse).... now you might ask yourself, "Hmmm.. Kellie reading... yes I say the same thing I think I've started the book 5 times... just saying.. reading is really not my thing but sometimes I feel like reading....

Anyways, I have been feeding my wolf all day and it is happy (aka. me:-) I'm very happy:-) Plus my brother and SIL came over last night and we ate Casey's pizza and played games and had an awesome time!! I love them both so much!! :-) So does the Kirbster, he loves uncle Jess :-)

He kind of looks like an iguana... 

I have NOT beautified myself once today and that's ok because I'm not going into public until tomorrow:-) although my FIL came over to bring the Hubs snow blower (which snow is something we don't have anymore yep it was 50 degrees here today and sunny and the snow is gone) and said, "Kellie, so glad to know you dressed up for me to come over." I said, "anytime!" I've been wearing Hubby's old red nike basketball shorts and a t-shirt with my hair pulled back. Yep, your jealous right??

My day has been like an only child... all about me:-) 
(I apologize if your an only child reading this)

It has been filled with trashy TV shows, and lifetime movies, making broccoli cheddar soup, cleaning, snuggling my puppy, watching movies with my husband, and sewing on my new machine!!! Who would of thought that I would get so excited about learning how to get thread on my bobbit?? I also am knitting and crocheting!! :-) 

Check my first creations on my first ever sewing machine!!!

This on is my favorite:-) 

Need a smile today??? 
Well, who doesn't... check this out!! :-) 

So my friends... what makes you happy and make sure you are feeding your wolf to bring in the new year :-) 

And according to my new book...

Try feeding your wolf with:
Yoga: (+ 5 years) 
the yoga philosophy isn't the number of years you've lived, but the flexibility of your spine

Omega 3s (+5 years)
helps prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis 

Just being a girl adds 10 years to your life!!!:-) so... wahoo:-) 

so in the words of some old school Bewitched, "C'est la vie "