Monday, January 28, 2013


Someone wise somewhere once said that, "The more time goes by in your life you realize that "perfect" isn't in your vocabulary."

 Perception and reality are two different things. 

Reality is raw and real and most often times reality is hard. 

Today I got a nice reality mommy lesson and I pray that I can face them a day at a time and trust that things happen for a reason. 

That when reality hits you... and trust me it will....

That you grab it by the hand and embrace it head on, whether you like it or not. 

Because perfection can look one way....

But your reality, may look another....

And if you confuse them you may want to wrap yourself with a nice warm blankie and a book and go night- night!

And at the end of a nice long Monday you may want people to perceive that you live a "perfect" life, but then reality hits and life is never totally "perfect"!