Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Day! 1/30/13

Hadley is climbing and pulling herself up on anything that is around her so I thought it would be funny to put a little tut around her!! She didn't think it was so funny! :-)
Today was a perfect day to stay home make chocolate chip cookies, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and play with my little blessing, because it hasn't stopped snowing all day!

We love our Keurig! 

Disclaimer: I made 20 chocolate chip cookies and now this is all that's left. :-) I guess santa got hungry! I love making chocolate chip cookies!!! 

Doesn't this make you want to go make some hot chocolate now? MMM....mmm.....

Proof on our deck!

My grizzly man shoveled this today and yesterday we had nothing! Incase your wondering about that nice little path just to the grill well let me tell you my husband loves to grill and snow doesn't stop him from grilling! He has to have a path so he can get to it! He loves this thing!

And our back yard tonight!
Yep! A nice little layer of snow! And notice that glow on the right side of the picture don't worry those are Christmas lights on a tree still up around the truck because my husband informed me that's what the rich people do in Florida, so he hasn't taken them down... haha.. I guess we only wish we lived in Florida!!

Here is Hadley today really exploring the whole house and she gets so focused when she just pops herself right up on whatever she can find, which sometimes results in a bonk on the head from a coffee table. You can see in this picture with her right hand, she has been banging on stuff which is her new thing!

She also had her bed lowered much closer to the ground today so there is no risk of her getting out! She is so strong and determined! She's on the move, with some wild hair today! 

Stay Warm!! :-)