Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Life!

I am one proud Aunt right now! 2 brand new baby girls born 4 days apart!

I love that smell of a newborn and the sweet soft skin of babies is so invigorating! 😄

So fun for Hadley to have 2 new cousins! Cousins are a kids first best friends! I love my cousins and was so blessed to be raised near them & am so thankful Hadley can have that same opportunity to grow up with her cousins! 

Loving small souls is one of the greatest treasures that life gives you! Babies are magical, the are innocent, so pure and reliant on another human for all their basic wants and needs. The demands of an infant, the sleepless nights are hard but worth it! 

Children are a gift from God and little miracles, really truly amazing. 

I'm so excited to watch these sweet girls grow up!