Thursday, July 2, 2015

OFF to Cali..... :-(


We Don't Meet People by Accident..... They cross our path for a reason. :-) 

My Heart is filled with emotions today... I have known this amazing woman for 11 years. She was my roommate the 2nd semester of my 2nd year at UNI. Our friendship has really grown to one that will last a lifetime. It will just have to happen almost 1,700 miles away from each other now. :-) 

Saying goodbye is not something I'm good at. I'll be the first to admit that. I love you and support you friend and know you will love being closer to your family, but know you will always be like family to me. You listen, never judge, love to talk, shop, watch TV, and always put people first. You are beautiful from the inside out. I will miss having you around, but I know you are strong and beautiful and can do anything you put your mind to! :-) 

I cried as your car left my house today and said goodbye to your sweet baby boys because it's hard letting you go when I have always had you around. :-) 

Although our paths may be changing our bond will stay strong & I will always have your back! 

Love you,