Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Day in Yellowstone. July 11th, 2015

Left Idaho the morning at 6:30 AM in hopes of seeing a lot of animals in Yellowstone! We woke up to this georgeous sight & headed out! lots of beautiful horses ready to be fed. 
We were off & on a mission to see Yellowstone in a day so we drove back down to Jackson Hole and entered the Grand Teton National Park which connects to the South Entrance of Yellowstone once you take the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway. We entered Yellowstone at 10:30 AM. 
First stopped at a beautiful fall off the side of the road. 
Then stopped at Lewis Falls (which was named after the Lewis & Clark Expedition) 
A little farther down the road was a neat beach where Laura picked up some wood & I picked up some rocks to bring back home to Hadley.

The next stop was the West Thumb Geyser Basin & the hot springs of West Thumb proved to be a really neat beautiful coloring, but it did hail on us a little which caused the color to not be as bright. 
 This was the Black Pool. 

Next stop was Old Faithful. It was really neat, full of tourist but worth it. It is estimated to erupt every 90 minutes and while we didn't see it erupt (maybe next time) it was still a must see! 

Stopped at a few more places to see falls, paint pots & basins. 

As well as coyote. 
Bison were everywhere in the Lamar Valley. Crossing the road right beside of and in front & behind us. 

 Tower Fall. 
 Soda Butte- An extinct hot spring that still emits a sulfer smell. (Can ou say STINKY) 👃🌋
 All in all it was a nice day and we headed out the NE Entrance toward Montana at 8PM. 

Stopped to get a pic of our 1st time in Montana. 
 Then headed to Cooke City, Montana for some supper. It was a neat little mountain town. 
Drove a very scenic highway on the way out of town. 
Stopped in a little Wyoming mountain town to sleep and got up and left this morning at 6AM and have been driving all day! Stopping every couple hours to stretch & take bathroom breaks. It's been a long haul but all in all a nice time and we hope to be home around 9PM. 🌅