Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sensitive skin.

So, let me tell you something about redheads. We have sensitive skin! Every person in my house has sensitive skin, especially my husband and my 2 month old. 

So what do you do when temps are over 100+ this week? We use honest sunscreen & lotion and have for a few years now. 

I like that it isn't greasy and doesn't have any synthetic chemicals! Don't worry, Ellie has never had sunscreen on her sweet little sensitive skin! She either goes out after the sun has set, uses an umbrella/ shaded stroller & car seat combo or I dampen a swaddle blanket and wrap her up so she stays cool! 
Ellie enjoys relaxing outside and it really wore her out & thankfully she slept 6 hours last night! 

One of our favorite things to do is stay cool swimming and in this house of red heads we try to be as cautious as possible with our skin & this hot summer sun!