Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chalet Blue

(Tune: What a Wonderful World by: Louis Armstrong)

I see chalet blue and rays of light
Paint in my hair and paint everywhere
And I think to myself, could there possibly be....

Another coat to finish tomorrow???? :-)

Here is a before picture:

In the progress and taping:

While my LOML was at work today, I took the Kirbster for a hour walk around town got the lawn chairs out and planted flowers in the pots on the deck, washed some windows! It 60 degrees out today! How wonderful! :-) We even have some budding going on in our gardens! :-)

Check it out!

This is the Kirbster/ loving the weather! He laid on the deck all day in the sun just realxing and playing with his football from LOML and his tennis ball he enjoys running all over the yard, especially after those squirrels. He's such a handsome boy! He does such a good job on walks too, while he gets every single dog in town barking just by having us walk by. Kirbster just simply keeps walking and ignores them.

After the 16 games played today for MARCH MADNESS, which were some upsets I feel pretty good about LOML and myself's brackets. I guessed 9/16 games=56% and I guessed 100% for 2 midwest games played today. LOML is one game up on me 10/16= 63% and LOML guessed all of the games in the East bracket with 100% accuracy! :-) There are my objective writing skills coming into play. :-)

How is everyone else doing on their bracket? Today I made some amazing chex mix recipe I have been munching on all day that I got from a friend! It's quite delicious!

1 C. Brown sugar
1/4 C Light corn Syrup
1 stick of butter :-)

Microwave in bowl for 2 minutes and stir with wire wisk


I box of Crispix
2 C. peanuts
2 C. Pretzels
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. baking soda

Mix; put the lid on the tupperware container and shake and swirl

place in microwave 30 sec., take out and mix repeat X2
Place in Microwave 15 sec, take out and mix repeat x2

lay out on cookie sheet to break up the chunks and let dry!!

ENJOY!!! :-)