Sunday, March 14, 2010

Substantial Sunday! :)

No Sunday afternoon naps in the Benge household today. With daylight savings time, I feel a little mixed up on my sleep schedule but not too bad. We went to bed early last night after watching a movie from the red box. We rented Ice Castles, which I didn't realize was made in IA and I loved it! It's really a cute movie LOML (Love of my Life) started chanting, "Iowa, Iowa" at the end of the movie. :-) He is so proud of his state. :-)

Amen that God is calling us ordinary people to do extraordinary things. After a morning at church a quick stop at the dollar tree it was time for spring cleaning. I am getting ready for my first garage sale in our new house. If you know me very well, you know that I have a slight clothing problem!!! I love clothes, and today as I was sorting through my two jam-packed closets full I started to feel a little ashamed of myself. No human being needs that many clothes, but what is it in my brain. I DO!!! It is really hard to part with them, but some how I managed to scrape up 7 full bags full by myself, not including my husbands clothes. I also some how managed to end up with like 5 straighteners!!!! Who needs 5 straighteners??? I'm ashamed of myself! Does this happen to anyone else! LOML vaccumed, worked outside, and did some laundry as I tried on clothing I didn't know I had! If anyone wants any of my clothes please let me know! :-)

We also went to town today to take back cans, cans, and more cans. Thirteen dollars worth!!! Once we got home LOML made me dinner. He made smoke cured ham and put a glaze on it with brown sugar and it was delicious! :-) Kirbster also got a new toy today that he loves! It's a camo tennis ball on a camo rope. He took it right off of the counter as soon as he saw it! :-) It was hysterical, because he then tried to hide it from me like I wouldn't figure it out!! ;-)

Don't get me wrong I love my job, but I love Sunday nights that I know I can sleep in the next morning, and not get a case of the Mondays. :-) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Farewell my friends! I'm in the middle of chapter 3 of my book and she is talking about how all of us, no matter who you are are in a pit at one time in our lives or another. I'm reading about the 3 ways to get into a pit. 1. Thrown in a pit (when we don't realize we are going in until we hit rock bottom), such as Joseph and his coat of many colors in Genesis :23-25. 2. Slip into a pit ( the pit we put ourselves into), check out 2 Corinthians 4:8-9.... I'm still in the middle of this chapter, but there is one more pit.... the kind that we really don't want to be in. The third pit we are thrown into and we put ourselves in a pit knowingly.

As they would say in Japan!

Sayonara :-)