Monday, November 8, 2010



I don't know where this month is going and can't believe that this month is almost a third over. :-( I can't help it, but November is seriously the best month! There has just always been something about it I love: could it be the weather, smell of burning leaves, clothes for this time of year, my birthday, Thanksgiving, being with family.... see... there are so many wonderful things that happen in the month of November. ;-) Last week LOML and I walked up to the city hall and voted and ate pork chops. They were delicious! We have about 4 more blocks to complete our little pathway project to the garage and life is good. I just need to embrace it and look for the good, shouldn't we all?

I am really loving this yoga class I have been going to on Tuesdays and can really tell a difference in my flexibility!! WAHOO!! Now, if I can just make my self get in some good cardio on another day and stop drinking pop! Why is it that pop is so addicting? Grrrrr......

We had a great weekend with beautiful weather and even watched Toy Story 3 with the cutest nephew ever!! :-) I must say that Barbie and Ken are hysterical in the movie, but it does get a little scary. 

Here is an updated picture of the walkway in the backyard. It may look a little crooked and it think it drives LOML a little cooky with his, "It has to be straight and perfect." thinking sometimes, but the boys worked very hard on it and I'm so thankful and proud of them.

Sorry about the shadow. 

There are two little steps on the way down, since our yard is at an angle. So we are going to have to pick up some lights to put along the path or at the steps so nobody hurts themselves! 

I did add a link called, "Brilliant Babies" to my blog. No, I'm not pregnant so don't spread rumors! I've just got a little bit of a creative side and thought I would share, so check out the link just by clicking on it and if there is anything you like or want just let me know I'd be happy to get the sizes you need.

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Have a great night! Happy Monday everyone!!