Tuesday, February 22, 2011

letting the creative juices flow....

In order for give you the whole picture of craftiness I have to give you a little background. Growing up  the first born of a preschool owner,  I think I was born with puffy paint in my hand. My mom is my role model, I wanted to make things like her, write like her, read/tell stories like she did, smile like she did, and most of all sing like her!  I remember learning to use scissors from a very early age, and even winning a coloring contest at my dad's work when I was like 8.  My brother and I spent many weekends I remember at my grandparents and my grandma being the loving patient woman that she is taught me to cross stitch and play games like a pro. These are beautiful Godly women....


One out of many of the reasons I chose to teach resource is creative challenge that my students bring to me everyday. If they don't understand something, then its my job to figure out how they learn and give them more support to learn the content they need. I love making up games or learning about new ones, or playing our own fun game of BINGO for my students....
(this was a 3x3 square, but the squares don't show up)

George Washington





Red and white

July 14th, 1789



1.     What year did the revolutionary war start? 1775 started by the Americans
2.     Who was the leader of the American Army? George Washington
3.     What year did the Americans win the Revolutionary War? 1783
4.     Why were the American’s angry?  Didn’t like to pay high taxes
5.     When did the French Revolution start?  July 14, 1789
6.     What year did the French Revolution end? 1799
7.     How many people died in the French Revolution? 30,000
8.     What types of clothes did they wear? Red and white

In Whatever you do it's important to make it fun and interesting for all kids. When my good friend, T, and I were in high school. We spent a lot of time together on the weekends. We would have our own craft nights. I don't really think you would consider us popular, but I've been out of high school for almost 8 years and honestly didn't really care if I was popular or not. We had a good time going to Wal-Mart and picking out our crafts for the evening. 

Anyway it all began with the family scrapbooking party!!

The front of my book.

My favorite page. :-)

Main dishes!! :-)

Which next led to the creation of a new wreath for my front door. I think the Christmas one needed to come down and to the help of my yarn basket I found some red yarn that I just wrapped around a  green floral holder and then sewed on a wool flower I made and sewed on the red fabric.

Close up view. 


Sorry this is random, but I loved the flowers my husband sent me at school for Valentine's Day! Aren't they beautiful!!! :-) I love the roses and lilies.

Then, this last Friday I spent some quality time with my friend painting pottery! What a neat and fun place, and we wore our jammies! :-) We sat and created and painted together for 4 hours and closed the place down! We had a blast!

The back of the plate. 


Don't you ever wonder how animals are creative? I think that they are as playful and have imaginations like kids. Kirby will lay and roll with his animals like they are attacking him, which they clearly do not, but he is just so playful with them.


Plus I think it helps when we get all of this warm weather. He laid on the deck for almost 4 hours on Saturday before we left for the cousin get together, which was  a blast! This is what the weather looked like not just 2 weeks ago...



And now we have this....

Isn't it amazing, it doesn't even seem possible, but we did get a  couple flurries today I guess but nothing stuck.

Kirbster loves car rides!! :-)


Hope everyone had a great Monday!