Thursday, February 24, 2011


The Famished ATM
Author: KBenge
Illustrator: Google

In a small town in Iowa, where the sun shines, the wind blows brisk cold air, and the snow is falling but is not sticking! There is a drive through ATM machine, where the line is non-existant and all the people wave.

The machine is cleaned and thoroughly checked every morning. Birds create nests next to the camera that tapes every person that drives through the ATM, and the birds are happy because no one disturbs them up in their little nest. 

Mr. ATM is wide, and about as tall as a car, it has one small screen. Four buttons on the left and four on the right. The keypad below the screen has 16 buttons! Wow! So many choices. It has a slot for your card, your receipt from the transaction, a slip for the money to come out, and a deposit envelope slip. 

Mr. ATM was content with his life. He never had to move the only interaction he had lasted maybe 2 minutes at the max, and he was happy.

Until one afternoon Mr. ATM had a visitor from a girl in a little white car. This girl has a bad cold and has used the ATM many times before today. Yesterday was just one of those days that this girl woke up and knew she should stay home. Her equilibrium was unbalanced and she feel like she'd been hit by a train. 

But she KNEW she had to be at school, because of her book study, it just wasn't a choice. So the girl took the day step by step and hour by hour and finally it was 4PM and I could go home to her handsome puppy. 

This handsome boy was ready to get going when his mama got home. He loves to go to grandma and grandpa's and taking car rides with his mama. So mama bear and her handsome puppy load up in the car. 

Mama Bear heads to the bank small town bank, and pulls right up to the ATM. No one was around, the bank was closed and the town was quiet Wednesday afternoon. 

Mama Bear inserted her card into the ATM, she got some money out of the machine and then took the receipt from the slot in the ATM. Mama bear turned to her purse and opened her wallet she was looking at her other receipts and putting the money away in the wallet.
Mama Bear started noticing the ATM beeping. Mama bear just sat there in park next the the ATM organizing her very unorganized wallet. Then the beeping got louder and faster. Mama Bear kept sitting there very unaware of her surroundings, but realized the beeping kept getting louder.


Just as Mama Bear looks up she sees her debit card and reaches for it.

As soon as she notices it is still in the ATM she grabs for it and right as she grabs for it the ATM sucks it back into the machine! Just as if it hadn't eaten in months and needed nourishment for the long cold night! 

 Sadness fell over the girl and her handsome puppy. 

The girl was unsure what to do sitting there in awe what had just happened. Could it be? Not just a minute ago she had a card and now she did not. If only that girl was holding a remote she would have hit the REWIND button within 2 seconds. 

Now after several calls to the bank Mama Bear has had to wait 2 nights to pick up her card..... 

The story will be continued....

(based on a true story) ;-)

Another delicious and easy recipe:Twix Bars


1 C. butter
1/2 c. sugar
graham crackers
Hershey squares
(optional) Pecan Halves
Line a cookie sheet with sectioned graham crackers. Combine butter and sugar in a pan and bring to a boil. Pour mixture over grahams and bake in 350 degree oven for 5 min. Remove from oven when mixture over bars begins bubbling. Remove from oven and put on cookie sheet quickly. Let cool and enjoy!

Hope everyone is staying free of sickness. I've been fighting a head cold for the past couple days and would love to have a IV drip of Vicks!! 

Good Night!