Monday, October 4, 2010


Alright.... last week was homecoming at school and it brought back so many memories.  Think about it..... egging cars/homes, toilet papering, saran wrapping, parade, dressing up, football, and just crazy shenanigans. It was always a good time. I remember one year my friends and I were ribbon twirlers in a parade and several years we would decorate our bikes with streamers and Nolan said he put baseball cards in his spokes to make the tires louder. :-) At any rate it's a good time and some of my friends and I dressed up for all of the days, except I didn't dress up for 80's day.

Here is Multiples Monday... We all had matching purple fairy wings from the dollar tree!!

Here is WACKY WEDNESDAY... Clown ties from the dollar tree!!

Then on Friday, was the dance and football game. We all went to chaperone! ;-) Gotta love middle schoolers!

This weekend we had a blast my old roommate from college came and we had a blast! I'm so thankful I was able to see her!

We watched football and went to the Wills Family Orchard:, then to Winterset, IA to see John Wayne's Birthplace.

This was his house....

A picture of him on the side of the gift shop....

His statue.....

Covered Bridges of Madison County...

We also had the opportunity to see our other roomie who is getting married in just 11 days! We had a great time together! 

Congrats Stina and Dwight!!! :-) We love you!! :-)

Have a great week everyone! :-)