Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Whole Chicken!

This has been a long week! Do you ever have those weeks where there is so much going on every night it doesn't hit you until the end of the week, because so much adrenaline runs through your body. We made plans last sunday to have a couple friends over on Wednesday. LOML was pumped to smoke a chicken for everyone Wednesday night. On Tuesday night I took the chicken out of the freezer to de-thaw. By the time we got home the chicken was gone!!!

Seriously!! There was nothing left but the paper towel it was sitting on from the counter. Needless to say Kirbster was in the dog house for the night, and we ended up eating a frozen CHICKEN:-) casserole. Later on that night.... I went to the spare bedroom to grab a sweatshirt from the closet and noticed Kirbster staring intently under the bed. Your asking why a dog would do that right? Well this is not unusual for Kirby, he will stare at anything under the couch love seat, end tables, and coffee tables until someone gets it for him. So I ask Kirby what he was looking at down there. I get down next to him and look under the bed only to find but something similar to this.....

Half of the body cavity of the chicken!!!