Saturday, October 30, 2010

Peanut Butter!

Did you know that peanut butter is supposed to help reduce cardiovascular disease? Kirby has always enjoyed peanut butter, but has only been given a little bit at a time, well this weekend we let him go at it! (The jar that is) Let me tell you he loved it! I read online that it provides him Vitamin E, which helps prevent disease for his sweet little self!

I put it on his nose! 

Here are some happenings from the past couple weeks....

We had lots of peppers!! Does anyone need peppers! We have lots!! And it got to cold for the plant so we ripped everything out of our garden now. 

Hunty is a stud! :-) 

The gorgeous vine on the trellis, I'm loving the changing of the berries on it!

A little relaxation golf for my husband, I still get frustrated when I can't hit the ball like a softball. :-( 

I'm pretty good at driving the golf cart though! :-)

The wind was unbelievably strong and the poor archway completely fell down and it was garbage day so we had garbage cans in the road! 

ADM vs. Mt. P

So in our crazy, fast-paced, cold, loving world. Let's enjoy the simple things! We are saying goodnight to the sun at what seems like a nascar race pace getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier every night, just embrace what we have and Love Life!! :-) Wrap up in your favorite blanket and a good book! Tonight out daily bread gave us a good analogy about forgiveness. 

Forgiveness can often times be a tough thing to do, I'm a one lucky girl though, this is one of my husband's strengths! He comes with many more! :-) The analogy is of a teenager and his father. The teen ager was always getting in trouble, an no matter how much he hurt his parents with his previous wrong doing, he would soon turn around and do something else wrong--knowingly he would be forgiven.
Finally, his dad takes him out to the garage for a talk. Dad picked up a hammer and pounded a nail into the garage wall. Then he gave his son the hammer and told him to pull out the nail. (This is called a lever as I would tell my science students.) The teen grabbed the hammer, and yanked out the nail. 
"That's like forgiveness, Son." When you do something wrong, it's like pounding a nail. Forgiveness is when you pull the nail out." "Okay, I get it," said the teenager. "Now take the hammer and pul out the nail hole," his dad replied. 
"That's impossible!" the boys said. " I can't pull it out" 
Our sins can be forgiven and washed away, but their consequences are ours to pay. Thank you Lord for being filled with compassion. Amen! 

Bring on those trick-r-treaters tomorrow night!! I always love to see little kiddos cuteness!! :-) But I'm having a hard time staying away from the candy!

Now go dress up and have fun!! Happy Saturday! :-)