Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Wedding Day!!

Alright last post I promise, then bedtime for this girl!! We were busy tonight and I had to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters! But I have to share this one last thing!!! Nolan and I were married December 18th, 2009, but I'm embarrassed to say we still hadn't bought the copyright to our wedding pictures. My parents as an early birthday for me and early 1 year anniversary to us, BOUGHT US THE COPYRIGHT!!! I am beyond words speechless, and couldn't express how thankful I am for them. I was going to wait a couple more months until our 1 year anniversary to post these pictures, but am too excited and love them!! So I wanted to share, because I just can't contain myself. I have already started a book on shutterfly!!:-)

Our wedding day!

Love Him! :-)

My girls!! :-)

We all wore red heals!! :-) I love it!

The men!

Our  Families! 

Wedding Party!!

I loved our centerpieces!! Red Roses and Red Apples :-)

Waiting for his bride to walk down the isle! He's so handsome!! :-)


My brother sang!! :-) He is so AWESOME!!!

We were married in a beautiful lodge in front of a fire place and under a deer head. :-)

The cake!! It am so blessed to all the people who helped make our wedding beautiful! Thanks! The cake had red apples in-between each layer! 

Our rings on an apple:-)

My Husband's cake!! It's been a sad week for Mr. Benge. Needless to say we don't like the Yankees in our house. :-)

The wedding party with an outside picture. 

Have a great day!!