Sunday, October 10, 2010

The house I grew up in is looking a little different!

Friday we drove back to my parents for some quality family time!! My parents have been working so hard on their home, and we haven't been home since the end of May, so needless to say the house I grew up in is CHANGING!!! It is beautiful!! I'm so excited for my parents and they have done a wonderful job! It was really good to see my family!! :-)

Here is a new photo from the front!! It is a 2 car garage attached to the house, new siding, new shutters, new front patio and front door!! It is AWESOME!!!

Now from the back..... You will notice a large room all the way on the left of the picture is walk in closet in my parents room! The middle extension is the GREAT ROOM!! Then the back patio and the large, insulated garage!!!

The walk in closet from the inside...

The new bathroom! :-) I love it! It's so BIG and it is going to connect with my parents room with a pocket door and where I'm standing to take the picture is an awesome shower (with good pressure)!!

Great Room.....

Inside the garage, right where mom is you can go into the kitchen!

This is the little nook between the great room and garage that you can see out the kitchen window!

The back porch! What a great place to sit, talk, and relax!

This used to be my room now it is OUR room and looks so much more mature! :-) 

I love all the changes and tried to help mom a little bit on Saturday morning! Kirbster was able to come with us and this was his first encounter with MoMo....

This was how Kirbster tried to help grandma sweep. He isn't a very good helper needless to say. :-)

Thanks mom and dad for a great Friday night and Saturday! We can't wait to see you next month! :-)